Madeline Weinrib is pleased to announce the European debut of the Climbers & Ramblers Series at the celebrated Alberto Levi Gallery in Milan from April 19 through May 19, 2012 in conjunction with Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

     “Madeline’s collection offers a fresh approach to carpet and textile design,” says Levi. “Her signature style is immediately recognizable for its distinct palette … the refined simplicity of her line, characterized by careful color juxtapositions, is what the most sophisticated segment of the Italian interior design world is actively looking for.”

 Climbers & Ramblers, conceived over two years, was first presented to acclaim in the United States in 2006 at Ralph Pucci International. The series includes fourteen carpets and runners as well as site-specific pieces. With consuming attention given to details of color, weight and feel each carpet is hand knotted in Pakistan by virtuoso artisans using handspun vegetable-dyed wool. This series is an ideational amalgamation in which old and new and East and West are given parity, finding harmonious equilibrium.

Madeline Weinrib offers us a visionary ecology that expresses lightness and joyousness of springtime. Vitality and freshness imbue her designs. In Climbers and Ramblers the designer’s esteem and knowledge of historic visual motifs found in antique Persian carpets is evident. Conjoining them in unconventional ways within Western pictorial codes of late postmodernism allows Weinrib to deftly re-purpose these selected traditional Eastern elements in surprising ways. Her use of reiteration, mirroring, enlargement, displacement, juxtaposition and radical cropping infer continuity and timelessness as well as progression and expansion in space. Simplicity, the improvisational and the aleatory encompass the Climbers and Ramblers series. Each signed Madeline Weinrib rug transforms the space it inhabits. 
Madeline Weinrib supports Care and Fair. Founded in 1994, Care and Fair is an international professional organization dedicated to combating childhood labor by constructing schools and establishing basic medical facilities in the world “carpet belt” located in knotting regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

The exhibition will run from April 19 - May 19th , 2012
Alberto Levi Gallery on Via San Maurilio, 24-20123 Milano, Italy  Tel.+39-0289011553

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